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Born May 10, 1927, in Budapest.

Educated at the School of Fine Art Paris.

Member of the Salon d’Automne, the Salon of Independents, the Salon of Drawers and Painters of Water, the Salon of Young Painters (Paris and Nice), and the Salon of the Southeast at Lyon.

Her works are in the permanent collection of the Galerie Chisseau Rive Gauche.

Exhibition and Professional History

1948   First exhibition at the Salon d’Autumne - A commission to paint the Theater of Jacques Herbertot, A prize-     winning exhibition at the Galerie Druant David - Received the Award for young painters, Exhibition “Portraits” at the Grande Galerie a’ Paris. – First meeting with the painter Andre Lauran, Exhibition in Budapest at the Salon of Painters of Budapest

1951   Study abroad in the United States - Return to France - Exhibition at the Salon de Privas in Ardeche

1960   Personal exhibition in the Aubenas at the Galerie La Huchette

1966   Purchase of a villa in Paris

1967   Personal exhibition at the Galerie Simon Floretin with an introduction by Bernard Clavel.

1977   First Prize for painting at the Salon de Lagny-Sur-Marne

1979   Group exhibition at the galerie Couleaurs d’Aujourd’hui -Listed in the International Dictionary of Painters and     Sculptors

1980   Exhibition at the International Art Exhibition, New York

1981   Exhibition at the Salon de Montreal

1982   Exhibition at the Colliseum of New York

1984   Exhibition at the Galerie La Tempera – Paris

1992   Exhibition at the Galerie Chisseaux Rive Gauche – Paris; Personal Exhibition at the Galerie Chisseaux  Rive Gauche – Paris / Noted in “The History of the Salon d’Automne from 1903 to Today”

1992-  93   Exhibition “Les Chats” at the Galerie Chisseaux Rive Gauche

1994   Exhibition at the Salon du Lion’s Club at Lagny-sur-Marne. - Prize for Paintings

2001   Exhibition at the Salle de la Gourdine, Lagny-sur-Marne

Excerpt from “The History of the Salon d’Autumn” 1903 to now.

“Veronique Veron or the Ethereal Balance of Things”.

“The sea, landscapes, flowers and portraits are expressed in the characteristic fashion of Vernique Veron

thru her drawing, pastels and paintings. The artist paints what she has seen and experienced, both externally and internally. Her art is expressionistic. It attracts one to the intensity of expression of temperament by its creator. The emotion is evident. The poetic softness balances the violent force of the bold primeval strokes. Each creation of Veronique Veron is a realization

passed through the filter of her experience.”

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