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Thomas has been painting professionally for over 15 years, exhibiting her work in major cities that range from Paris to New York. 

She creates abstract figurative art from a designer’s perspective. Upon completion of Pratt Institute, she began to develop her style of painting by incorporating various design principles that ranged from industrial design, ceramics, architecture, and fashion design to her paintings. She enjoys incorporating industrial elements such as sawdust, wire, and silicon to juxtapose the soft lines and fluid color of her pieces.

Thomas' work is innovative in style and technique while possessing a quality that engages the audience. She has also worked between New York and Paris as a freelance fashion designer since 1997. She moved to Paris from 2002-2004 exhibiting and exploring the world of fine art. Her goal was to take a break from the fashion arena and focus on her art. While in Paris, she worked with a group of artists sometimes showing at the Baltazzart Art Space. Recently, she traveled back to Paris to show her work at Le Pave D'orsay, a gallery in the 7th neighborhood. This show lasted from July 2-16, 2010 during the Couture Fashion Week. The art displayed was an art and fashion installation in which her paintings stood as a collection of garments.

The greatest influence to her art is the journey and joy of life.

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