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Richardson is a third-generation British artist whose work is widely exhibited in Europe and the United States. His father was a successful artist and sculptor, as was his grandfather.

Liang gravitated toward art at an early age, and with instruction from his father, began painting in water color at age three. His love of art continued throughout childhood and his preparatory studies were planned with an art career in mind. He attended the South Hampton College of Art but was distracted in his studies by the Seventies Revolution and fell in with a group of avant-garde artists who were exhibiting in East-London galleries. This period marked a dramatic change in his style from traditional water color to abstract oil on canvas.

His paintings, which appear almost abstract at close range, become full of subtle details at a distance. He paints only oil on canvas and excels at larger images which exhibit an exceptional vibrancy of light and color. Laing’s father proudly recalls that his son was never afraid to use a big brush to paint fine details, and nicknamed him “Big Brush” to describe his loose impressionistic style. This style continues to shape his works today.

Mr. Richardson is also an avid ornithologist and his impressionist paintings of birds are prized by collectors and professional societies as well. Although skilled in traditional subject matter, Liang’s work has lately shown new ways of expressing his artistic vision, with abstract architectural studies in vibrant colors.

His work is highly sought after and has been shown in numerous galleries from New York to California. He is also in hundreds of private collections and continues to gain a larger viewing audience. He currently resides in the South of France with his wife and is now working with an aspiring artist protégé.

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