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Legros is known for Painting, abstract. Jean Legros is a geometric abstract painter born in 1917.
Born in France in the early 20th century, Jean Legros studied philosophy and psychology before devoting himself fully to painting. Interested in abstraction, he became a pupil of Jean Dewasne (1921-1999) in 1949. Thanks to his passion he very much developed a strength for colors and geometric lines as one can see in his master’s paintings. During the 1960s, he achieved a purer and minimal abstraction, never to leave, with flat areas of homogeneous colors. Later, he met painting his famous striped canvases, while creating reliefs-sculptures in painted wood or brass, inspired by the work of Jean Arp.
The work of Jean Legros has always been inhabited by a kind of luminous power which still amazes today as it guides the eye and shines from one painting onto another. This metaphor of light seems the only one liable to convey the intensely radiating color that unfailingly characterizes every one of his paintings.

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