Bob Calcagno

Robert J. Calcagno has transformed his talents from the courtroom to the canvas.  Having been known as a litigator in Atlanta, Georgia, for over 29 years, his last decade of painting has identified him as America's own "French Impressionist."


The heart of Saint Leon Sur Vezere where he works is the dream place of this artist.  This beautiful setting enables him to convey the mystery of nature and life, all that is between joy and pain, through his paintings. His 12th century French village of Saint Leon Sur Vezere is located between the villages of Les Eyzes and Montignac, where prehistoric art, dating back 40,000 years, was discovered.  Robert's exposure to the cave paintings of this region and the impressionist influences of Paris and Provence has made this self-taught artist a welcomed asset to America's art community.


Robert is currently exhibiting and selling his art throughout the United States and Europe.  In addition to being a commissioned artist, he is also a contracted published artist for Art in Motion, one of the world's largest art publishers.  This company has marketed his "Wine Art" in seventy countries throughout the world.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution featured this artist in an article entitled:  Grape Expectations, a story of his transformation from lawyer to artist.  The author was amused by this change of occupation, suggesting that such a transformation is usually the reverse.  Making the choice between the security of the noble profession of law and the rewards of his passion for painting was a risky but easy choice for Robert.

Mr. Calcagno continues to paint a variety of subjects using his favorite medium, oil on canvas.  He enjoys working from his studios in France and Georgia, making his art a part of international public and private collections.