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Born in 1948, in the pretty medieval town of Troyes, France. She studied at the School of “Beaux Arts”, graduating in 1968.  For the last 30 years she has served as Professor to several arts workshops including teachings of engraving, nude models and paintings. Her works have been exhibited in, Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, Versailles, Paris and Vienna, among others. She works with techniques of all kinds and practices them indifferently. (Tempera, monotypes, collage, oil and soft pastels).  For the most part, however, she focuses on oil paintings and often uses a number of fabrics in her painted works. She also produces small works with fabrics mounted on wood panels and is very passionate about color.
Bea’s main source of inspiration has always been Mother Nature and the multitude of shapes and colors that she offers. She injects her works with hope, joy and vitality, adding a dash of poetry, of which she is also a writer.  She holds close her relationship to earth and nature and travels the country for inspiration.  She escapes the world’s negativity, anxieties, violence and despair while painting in a world that does not exist and that she can constantly recreate.  “It’s my way of life, in search of true beauty.”  She invites you to join her.

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