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1947 - 2024

Anne Marie Lidon was a highly accomplished avant-garde Parisian artist whose work has been widely exhibited and acclaimed. Born in 1947 in Paris, she exhibited an early interest in art, attending drawing lessons in the Louvre at age three. Her adolescence was spent in preparatory school at the “Acadamie La Grande Chaumiere” in Montparnasse with an art curriculum designed to gain her admission to the “Ecole de Beaux-Arts” in Paris. After graduation she pursued her passion for tapestry design by working with a commission that restored historic tapestries. By 1980 her attention turned to the three-dimensional and she began her exquisite works in clay, pottery, and sculpture. She returned to school to refine her techniques in sculpture, eventually producing award winning works in stone, wood and bronze. Always seeking new means of artistic expression, Anne Marie once again changed her focus and in 1990 she became fascinated with painting and drawing, returning to art school for advanced studies. Although acclaimed by her professors and colleagues, even until her final days, she continued to strive to improve her work, convinced that she has not reached the level of accomplishment of which she was capable.

Her body of work continues to astound the current art scene with the originality of her designs and flawless execution. 

T. Botero Galleries is honored to have known and exclusively represented Anne-Marie state side. She will be deeply missed. 

Full of bold color, exquisite experimental concepts, and the cutting edge abstract flair she's so fondly known for, Lidon's last works are extraordinary and highly valued.

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