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Andre Lauran [prior to 1964, Laurent], was a mid-twentieth century impressionist who belonged to a group of artists known as the Noists, from the Ecole de Beaux-Arts de Lyon. Although one of the most talented and original members of the group, he spent a number of years in relative obscurity after he left for Paris in 1944.

He has shown in numerous galleries and expositions from 1941 to 1972, but recent interest and acclaim by critics has created a renewed demand for his work, and his oils have been highly sought after by collectors. His work is displayed in the permanent collections of the museums of Valence and d’Annecy, and he is listed in both the Benezit and Davenport’s.

A large body of his work was acquired by T. Botero Galleries in May 2007 & February 2014.

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